Is the internet sucking away our life?

September 21, 2012 7:49am CST
It is a daily occurrence that I sit down at the computer to quickly do one or two things online, such as check a few emails or quickly look something up online. 2 hours later I find myself still sitting there, quite often not yet even completing the initial task that i set out to do. I just find myself getting caught up in other things - one thing leads to another which leads to another. It is a road of interesting leads that goes on and on in a never ending trail of time wasting endeavours. The internet is an extremely useful too, and it can make our lives so much easier, but let me give you a few stats. Lets say that you spend 1 hour a day using the internet for things that aren't important - like facebook or random surfing of the net. That is 7 hours a week, 364 hours a year. Now lets say that the average person sleeps 8 hours a day that means they are awake for 16 hours a day. so divide 364 by 16, and you get 22.75 days of each and every year spent on the internet doing nothing of any importance. That is if you only spend 1 hour a day. Some people spend much much more than that. That is a massive proportion of our life, being spent on the internet doing things that are basically time wasters. Time we will never get back. Is the internet really improving our lives or actually just sucking our life away?
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@grkelly (1216)
• Malta
21 Sep 12
Many people are as you said glued to the internet. Unfortunately it can become a dangerous habit if one does not try to control himself or herself. It is not good for one's eyes and neither for one's back as sitting for a long time can be really stressful. Rather then having couch potatoes sitting watching television programmes, in this day and age we have couch potatoes browsing on the net for long hours every day.
24 Sep 12
You have touched on another issue that comes with spending all of our lives on the internet or in front of the tv. Apart from the fact that it is a complete waste of time - time that we never get back and can only live once, but it is also very unhealthy, which means it can rob us of time that we are spending doing other things as well because of pain, sickness and even shortened life span. The more you think about this issue and really get into it the more you realise how much of a problem it really is.
@ontayp (15)
• Philippines
21 Sep 12
That would depend on someone how he/she manage to hold his/her time during browsing the internet. But as our technology advances we deprive ourselves from sleeping just to be infront of the computer chatting, browsing even watching movies and stuff. It is important that an individual knows how to balance his/her time for himself/herself.
24 Sep 12
Your right. We cannot just blame the technology for our inability to control and manage our own time. But the fact is that the technology makes it easier and more appealing to waste our own time. You go to a community where they do not have electricity and the people go to bed earlier because they don't have lights that they can simply put on with the flick of a switch so they go to bed when it gets dark or shortly after. The fact is, technology appeals to us and allows us to waste more time on it. As there are more and more distractions it gets harder and harder to ignore them and focus on what is important, and if the internet is full of anything - it is distractions.