can we have a Income based Reservation System in Education System ?

September 21, 2012 1:30pm CST
hey friends , the Caste based Reservation System is dividing us from the lowest stage of our life i.e. education . it indirectly give us a hint that we are superior or inferior to someone. Is the Caste based Reservation System correct in our Education System ? Can't we have an Income based Reservation in our Education System ? ( based on poverty line or any other method ) waiting for your views friends ,thanks.
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@Dishari (698)
29 Apr 16
Most of the people seem to have that opinion. It's not their fault, they just do not understand the actual meaning of the entire thing. The word 'reservation' means keeping some seats reserved. And you know why that is done? Because considering the caste sensitivity in India, if people from lower castes came to pursue their education, there are high chances that won't even be allowed to enter the institution! You might find that unrealistic and you may say that people are not conservative anymore. But the truth is, they still are. The Constitution only prevents them from doing such nuisance in some spheres of life, like education, jobs. Though most people view Reservation as a way for the people of lower castes to get into institutions with lower marks or by not working hard enough, well, that's not really what it is meant for. Plus there are other factors too, discussing which might take up an entire week!
@MrGhost (550)
4 Mar 13
It depends on our so called leaders. But I support your views.
@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
21 Sep 12
Hey thanks a ton for raising such a crucial discussion over here. I have always been against the reservation system and would be. yes no doubt, because of reservation system many talented and interested hopes from the poor families are coming us but it has always hampered our education system especially the common masses. i have always favored division on merit basis completely. the ones who make the cut are the ones who will qualify for the subsequent rounds. This is the only way we can save our education system from getting polluted. What say?