Women can be brave as men?

September 21, 2012 3:54pm CST
"Women can be brave as men". Relate an incident or incidents in your experience which bring out clearly the truth of this statement.
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@lady1993 (21056)
• Philippines
8 Oct 12
I think it doesn't matter what the gender or even age of a person is for him or her to be brave. I heard some children saving their siblings in a fire. Many mothers save their children/ sacrifice themselves to save someone else..
• Indonesia
29 Sep 12
my mother is braver and stronger than man. my father is very temperamental but she always succeed to protect her kids and make us feel safe whenever my father get angry too much...
@roshigo58 (4870)
• Pune, India
29 Sep 12
Hi, You are right. Women can be brave as men. Bachindra pal who is the first woman in climbing the Everest peak. Queen of Zansi is the important example of the brave woman, Kiran Bedi is another example of brave woman. Women are working with men in each and every field of life.
@alberello (4755)
• Italy
22 Sep 12
Well, I believe in equal rights for men and women. So my view is that women can have the same potential as their male colleagues. Of course, in the workplace, there are specific tasks for men, others specific to women. As if to say that women are more likely to perform certain tasks that men would not be able to do, and so, also vice versa. May I take this example: In the clothing stores, women often find as shopgirl. While on work sites, you will find men workers.
@Shavkat (69491)
• Philippines
22 Sep 12
I think, it is seen in so many instances that women are brave as men. In the old days, women are not vocal and persistent. But now, the equality of gender is evident in different sectors.
@ravisivan (14053)
• India
22 Sep 12
History has shown us many women who were braver than men. We have seen Rani Lakshmi Bai, queen of Jhansi. Recent history has Mrs.Indira Gandhi who was the Prime Minister of India. In her days she was called the only man in India-- I do not about sikha history. may be it has some brave women.