Any good app stores for Arnova 9 g2 tablet??

Arnova 9 g2 - Arnova 9 g2 internet tablet.
September 22, 2012 12:07pm CST
Hi last year i purchased an archos 70 internet tablet from the internet and it came pre installed with Appslib. After a week or two of using Appslib there were two problems with this the lack of applicatins available and after a week or so I started to noticed that most of the applications which had'nt been approved, downloaded viruses to my tablet and I had to keep resetting it and starting again from scratch. After a while I discovered Google Play and tried to install it onto my tablet. However my tablet wasnt compatible with Google Play. After a brief session of researching I found of an application which would let me install and use Google Play on my device which was called Arctools. I then followed the instructions and used Google play on my device for about 10 months. However about a day or two ago my mom purchased an Arnova 9 g2 tablet for me and I gave my sister my old one. This tablet runs android icecream sandwich and also like the first tablet came pre installed with Appslib and the application I used before (Arctools) does not work on my device so now I am stuck with Appslib again. I have researched on the internet for a while now and the only solution I can find is to upgrade the firmware on my device which I dont want to do as my friend tried to do it with their tablet and it broke beyond repair. I have tried using the Amazon appstore but a message comes up when trying to download an app saying "Error downloading application click here to enter address in your web browser and try again". Does anybody know how to get google play on my tablet or any other good safe app stores I can use? Thank you
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