Does anyone know of any good Document creating software for android tablet?

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September 22, 2012 2:53pm CST
Hi I have recently been given a new internet tablet for a gift from my mom. I was wanting to use this for schoolwork as I have lots of homework from school. However the computer which is shared between the whole of my family is not always available to use as my mom and my sister like to play real time games on the internet almost every day. With my old internet tablet i used to use Kingsoft office for all of my school work however I didn't really like this because but it was complicated to use and was not laid out correctly when transferred to a computer. It was also extremely complicated to transfer to the computer. The software also took up lots of the memory on my device. Now with my new tablet the screen is much bigger than my recent tablet. I do not want to pay for the software as i don't have much money Does anyone use or know of any good easy to use free document creating software for android that is free and available to download straight from the internet? Thank You
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