September 23, 2012 5:12am CST
Well it's my ex boyfriend's birthday tomorrow. I'm really not sure if I'm going to greet him or not. It just hurts that it would be the first time that I won't be there for his birthday and it would be his new girlfriend who's gonna be there celebrating with him. I'm moving on but I just can't help feeling a bit this way. One thing is for sure.. I will go to church tomorrow, light a candle and offer a prayer for him.
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• Philippines
24 Feb 13
go and greet him girl. birthday is a very special day. even he is celebrating with his new girl he deserves a greetings from you. there is no wrong with that. and talking to God is a great idea. smile.
@kokomo (1868)
• Philippines
23 Sep 12
Just greet him mechelle.After all, you have been a lovers.Yeah, its too hard for you to see him with new girlfriend but I think it is better if you just greet him in a form of email or text if you still have a communication.