The more technology advance the less human believe in morality?

@bulastika (5967)
September 23, 2012 9:54am CST
200 years ago in christian countries its a taboo that you a child outside marriage. But its seems in this modern world its normal that theirs a single mom or dad. And its seems human morality right now is dying. I read in the news that some teenager beat up a 75 years old man. When I was a teenager we look at old people with respect and same time frail. But now teenagers beating up an old man? Have they no respect at all?
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• India
23 Sep 12
In countries like mine, we still do respect elders. It is only in the western countries that the system has changed and kids have started disrespecting elders. In India, we have strong bonding with our parents which leads to respect. We can't imagine our lives without parents and we consider them even in long term plans. The same is not with the people from western countries. They have no respect for their elders and they leave their houses as soon as they start standing on their own legs. I think the way of approach by the western people must be changed.
@bulastika (5967)
• Philippines
27 Sep 12
That's true. I guess that's the difference between living in asia and living in Europe and in US and Canada. They just don't have family bonding type of responsibility. For them once you know how to work you must work for yourself. You must do what you want to do. I see in news that their sibling is dirt poor and living in a street while his other brother is darn rich living in a mansion and for rich brother he think he does not have moral responsibility to take care of his poor brother.