Bot Nuke?

United States
September 24, 2012 12:06am CST
Okay so I heard Runescape is having a Bot Nuke tomorrow on the 24th with some sort of new tracking stuff. Do you guys think it will work? Will it be successful? Give me your thoughts.
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• Canada
24 Dec 12
The bot nuke is really something they need to think carefully. I don't think it will work in my opinion, well at least not in long term because bot creators and users will simply make new ones and they'll be back in game after a couple days. There's also something else you got to think of: Runescape is half owned by investors which mean that the investors don't wanna loose the money that comes in with all the bots who are paying for membership aswell of all these people who loose their account and simply buy a new one created from bot users. So runescape won't do too much stuff to avoid bot. They'll simply try to control how they affect the real players into their daily gaming. They're stuck on that point even if in my opinion they should all get banned.
• Lithuania
25 Oct 12
Now theres is even more bots lol... So sad runescape story!
• Norway
10 Oct 12
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