Alcatel Blaze Glory or LG L3?

September 24, 2012 2:31am CST
Hello guys~ I have been thinking about buying a new android phone. Either Alcatel Blaze Glory or the LG L3. I am really confused on what to buy among those 2 models. I like the Alcatel Blaze since it has larger pixels on the screen than LG but it has lower memory though. While LG L3 has a larger internal memory and can play HD games but has smaller pixels on screen :( Which among the 2 should i buy? I want to play HD games with bigger pixel screens. If you know any other phones that are similar to the 2 I mentioned, please let me know too... My budget is around $150 and less (PHP 6,000 and less) Hope i could here some opinions you guys~
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• Philippines
13 Oct 12
I would prefer the Alcatel Blaze Glory over the LG phone. Now if you're still undecided, you can check the forums of those who have tried using those phones as tehir eedback would really help. Have you considered purchasing a Samsung phone instead? Those are really popular and not so expensive.
• Philippines
15 Oct 12
Hmm yeah I have thought of it but the competitors of LG's L3 and Alcatel's blaze glory is the Samsung's Galaxy Y. I have searched on the forums as well and the Galaxy Y don't have that good reviews compare to alcatel and lg. My first bet was Alcatel too but the internal memory is kinda small only around MB while LG has 1GB but there are reviews on the LG that t restarts on its own. :( But I want to play HD games in there too. Kyaa~ I am really confused. So do you think ALcatel is much better?