Do you believe in UFO's?

September 24, 2012 5:26am CST
I do believe in UFO's in fact I saw one when I was a little girl. It was dark and just when I was outside I saw a colorful light rotating, then I suddenly realize that it was a small flying saucer. I wanted to catch it but it was so fast, and it was dark to where the UFO was heading. Oh I don't know if you guys will ever believe me but I know what I saw and I just can't help to confess and to ask; do you believe in UFO's?
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• Philippines
25 Sep 12
The Universe is so vast and almost infinite that that the possibility of life elsewhere is certainly very high. I believe that we are not the only living things in this galaxy, much more the universe. It would be very small-minded of me to think otherwise. As for extra-terrestrial intelligent life existing, I believe they do exist. As for them visiting Earth, I believe in the probability ;)