I dreamed of Jesus, Mama Mary and Saints.

September 24, 2012 5:40am CST
I have to confess that I dreamed of Jesus, the sky was in fire like flames was falling. Then I was told that we should light candles and pray, ask for forgiveness and repent. Then I saw two Men calling for me then as I went inside a room I saw a table and Jesus called me and asked me to sit down and eat with them. There were 4 or three of us seated. Jesus told me something but I forgot a minute when I woke up... what should I do? Its been years then, since I had that dream but I don't know if I ever did what Jesus told me to do because I can't remember. But from that dream I remembered that we should light a candle when the end comes or when we need to the light of God's guidance. I dreamed of Mama Mary and other Saints,but I am sorry I cannot remember anymore. I wanted to share them but I have forgotten. A lesson for anyone who reads this.... never take a good dream for granted because we never know when they come handy. Anyway, I hope you guys get good dreams like a princess in a different world fighting for love, existing and surviving in a different civilization. A warrior a fighter so powerful in protecting others. I just love my dreams... I hope everybody gets beautiful dreams like mine. Then there will be many of us who believes that nothing is impossible.
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