Advertising vs. Marketing

@jenny1015 (13389)
September 24, 2012 6:21am CST
While Advertising deals with the process of making a product/service known by using all sorts of mediums: print ads, television ads, and now the most widely used is the online advertising. Marketing, on the other hand, deals with the planning and strategising of a certain product or service and how to present it to the public. This includes the pricing of the product, target groups, appropriate retail outlet presentation, development of a layout, storyboard and script. The conveying message needs to have the ability to make people believe in the product or service and most importantly, having a great product brand recall. Using all possible means of reaching out to the people regarding a certain product or service is what makes the people aware of its existence. But prior to any advertising, a good marketing strategy should be well discussed and carefully planned. The success of the product and service does not rely alone on how much exposure it has, but also on how it looks or how it is presented to the public. The process of marketing a company via the use of the internet is very beneficial as it reaches not just the customers around your marketplace, but has a global impact. Careful planning is required to capture your company’s online presence. Catchy words are not enough to keep an online reader engaged in your offerings. Having an edgy graphic design with an “ummph” gives a definite edge. And what more can help a company rise up the ladder to success? Engaging the right people, with the right strategies will have a “viral” effect in both the offline and online world.
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