Seeking the will of God in marriage

September 25, 2012 9:17pm CST
Talking about marriage, there are things you must know before going into marriage as a child of God. *Picking a precious patner. Marriage is NOT JUST A BED OF ROSE. A bed of rose here in this content of of marriage topic means, when sighting marriage affar off, it looks as if it is precious, enjoyment, glittering, sparkling, attractive, decorative and so on. But coming close to it, you find out that it's not as you look to be. Now coming to the point of NOT JUST A BED OF ROSE, It means that there are challenges and thorns in marriage. Marriage is for the mature people and not for babes. Marriage is for mature men and women, and not for boys and girls or youths. People that are due for marriage * A woman that is due for marriage is the one that has been willed from her parents. This means that she is independent of her own and can be detatched from her parents. Psalm 45:10-11. A man that is due or qualify for marriage is the one that will not allow his parents or uncles to intrude into his marriage. He can be able to handle any problem that arises from his home, he will judiciously handle it. Often atime, your ideal patners will not measure to the standard you desire yet he/she was given by God. No patner is perfect and cannot be like an angel that is faultless.
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