How To Merge Miniclip With Facebook?

September 26, 2012 12:56am CST
So even before Facebook introduced games and apps, I've been a member of Miniclip. If you are a fan of online games you'll surely know about Miniclip. Sometimes back they introduced a hit game named, 8 Ball Multiplayer. I'm an addict of this game. I've bought tons of credits to buy fancy cues and decorative tables. Recently I noticed that the same game is available in Facebook through Miniclip. But since I'm logged in through Facebook, Miniclip doesn't knows that I'm it's member too. Thus, I can't get the cues and tables. I need to purchase fb credits to upgrade them, since I'm playing on Facebook. But I don't want to purchase the same items that I've bought already. Is there any way in which I can use my purchased cues & tables from Miniclip, even when I'm playing on Facebook?
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