Decorating Our Supervisor’s Office

@ARIES1973 (9539)
Legaspi, Philippines
September 26, 2012 5:55am CST
Since we are done with our reports already, we decided to rearrange and decorate the office of our field supervisor. It is one form of giving thanks to him for his endless support to all of us. We went to the nearby city to buy the things that we needed. We remove the old cover of his table and replace it with a green felt paper. However, we were not able to finish it because we attended the conference in the afternoon. We returned after the conference but still we were not able to finish the whole thing. We can see that our supervisor is so proud of us because the village officials really appreciate the things that we do for them. But we can feel the sadness in his eyes. He got use to see us every day in the office and the fact that we are already leaving makes him really sad. But when he saw that we are rearranging the room, he said, he will never forget us. He talks about us repeatedly to the village officials. You know, like a parent talk about his children’s achievement to their friends. That’s what we observe. And that is because he learned to love us and if he could only decide on things, he wanted us to stay. Well, on our part, we are also sad because knowing the experiences of others groups, we can consider ourselves as the luckiest and the most blessed. And that is because we were assigned on this place under his supervision.
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• Philippines
26 Sep 12
hi aries, That is really nice I mean at least in simple gesture you returned the favor that was given to you and to your group. For sure he will never forget your group cause everywhere he looks he can see all of you in a new decorated office of him, happy mylotting