American politics: Just a big shouting match

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September 26, 2012 1:59pm CST
I attend Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. As part of our campus dining system we have a Chick Fillet. Now the Chick fillet is in danger of being removed from campus because of the whole CEO controversy. I attended part of the Student Senate meeting and heard a representative of the LGBT community speak out for Chick Fillet's removal. The one thing that stood out most was the idea of voices being heard. It seems that all hot button issues are about voices being heard. The problem is that when some voices are loud enough, others get drowned out. Then those voices just get louder and what you end up with is a screaming contest. Has our political system been literally reduced to whoever can raise their voice the loudest wins?
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@lowloy (316)
• United States
26 Sep 12
in my opinion it is not about voices but issues. the issue is if someone says something is wrong with something and no one does anything about then law suits are put into place, and no one wants a law suit put on them because there was a disagreement with something. it is like you do it this way or else... too many people are afraid to take a stand for what is right according o them. there is free speach in this country which people should be able to voice opinions without getting punished over what is said. i guess people don't like that part of the constitution.
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27 Sep 12
Either that or there's an amendment the we never heard of stating that we have the right to use the law to protect our own personal feelings.
@andy77e (5165)
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30 Sep 12
No, I would say not. Most people vote based on tradition anyway. My grandmother voted democrat every year of her life, because back in the 1930s, "FDR Cared!". Then you have the same type of Republican people who always vote Republican. Then you have single issue people. People who will only vote based on that single solitary issue. Blacks who vote Democrat to support racism against whites. Whites who vote Republican to support racism against blacks. People who vote only against Abortion, and the that only vote in favor of Abortion. So no, it's not nearly as much of a shouting match as you think. In fact, the shouting is actually the result, of the above mentioned system. See if all people were completely open to all possibilities, then we could all have an open discussion regarding these issues. But since most people are hard line on a specific topic, then there really is no discussion that can be had. We can talk about it as much as you want, but you'll never change my mind on specific issues. That leaves you with the only choice of simply shouting at me. Not because that will accomplish anything, but it makes you feel better for dealing with me. Sadly, that's how most politics now work.