United States
September 4, 2006 7:02pm CST
how spicy, let me know it's just a topic to discuss. "talk to me"
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@serenetee (380)
• Singapore
30 Dec 06
I like spicy food, especially curry, rendang and my home-made chilli sauce. I like curry fish, curry chicken and curry vegetables (Indonesia sayur lodeh). Then there are beef, mutton and chicken rendang which go very well with plain rice. My home-made chilli consists of red chilli, garlic, onion, ginger, sugar, salt and lime juice blended together. They are great as dip for steam chicken. However, I do not like the Japanese wasabi, if that's considered spicy food, and the Thai chilli padi which is very small and extremely hot and spicy.
@wildpvcgal (1085)
21 Dec 06
I love spicy food, I actually have a spicy beef pizza in the oven cooking as I type this!! My mouth is watering now thinking about it, *drools*....Yummy. xx
@kcrowson (354)
• United States
10 Sep 06
anything with chipoltie sauce is right up my alley...the spicyer the better!!
@deitzy (381)
• United States
5 Sep 06
i will eat anything spicy...ive done a habanero pepper...dipped in tabasco...then sprinkled with crushed red pepper on a was good....but DAM that was hot
@bhchy1 (6052)
• United States
5 Sep 06
The spicier the so hot it will clear my sinus and make my ears steam...
• United States
5 Sep 06
I am not into spicy foods. The only hot food I love is hot wings. I just can't get enough of them. How can people eat all thet hot stuff and still taste the flavor of the food? I can't at all
• United States
5 Sep 06
I love spicy foods!! I have just recently gotten into Thai foods and it is so good. Also anything cajun I love!!