Barting Using Craig's List

United States
September 27, 2012 7:29pm CST
I've been a frequent visitor on Craig's List for a few years now. I've used a few of the sections but just recently I tried on CL category for the very first time. Yesterday, I posted an ad on the site's bartering section for the area I live. The ad I posted was about an extra wireless Xbox 360 controller I own. Truthfully I don't need it so, instead of it sitting in my closet all the time unused, I finally acted on the inspiration gotten from stories like Kyle McDonald (the one red paperclip guy) and the teenager who once managed to trade up to a Porche from an old cellphone and tried it out. So far I haven't gotten any replies yet, but I'm still hoping I might get some offers of something I might be interested in. It got me to wondering. Has anyone on here ever tried using Craig's List bartering section? Did you have any success out of it be it finding something you wanted or posting an ad like me?
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