Is Solid Trust Pay (STP) a safe payment processor?

@hareshbl (121)
September 28, 2012 12:43am CST
I have an account with STP. I deposit money in my STP account through my credit card. Last month I got an intimation from my credit card company regarding a payment which I had not authorized. I raised an objection to this payment and had to get my credit card blocked and had a fresh credit card issued as the old card had become compromised. After I received the new credit card I used it only on my STP account. I did not give my new credit card number on any other online site or use it anywhere else. This month again I got an intimation from my credit card company about an unauthorized payment on my credit card. I have again raise an objection to this payment and have again had my credit card blocked. As I have given the credit card number only to STP, I wonder if there is a security lapse on the part of STP. Is STP a safe payment processor to use? Secondly should I write to STP informing them of this security lapse and hope they can correct it. I need to withdraw my money through STP to my bank account. If I point out this security lapse to them, will STP misunderstand it and create problems to letting my withdraw my money to my bank account? Please share your views and your opinions on this discussion.
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@camalich (1118)
• Spain
28 Sep 12
This is strange.. Have you done a virus scan on your computer? Maybe it is not an issue with STP but you might have a virus or a keylogger that copies everything you write and send it away. i've used STP many times and I've had no problems so far.