We are getting a 3D TV......

@trisha27 (3498)
United States
September 28, 2012 1:38am CST
It was so funny today. We went to Wal Mart and my hubby wanted to get his 3D tv and I was like okay fine, we will get a 3D tv and the way we had figured it out, we thought that we would have enough money to buy it today. So my hubby was all excited and basically bouncing up and down like a kid in a toy store, cause he was finally getting his 3D tv. We were basically trying to figure out which one we were going to get and seeing which one they had in stock. So while the girl was in the back checking on the stock of the TV's this guy from another company, I believe it was Flexi came up to us and started telling us how much he believed the tv that my hubby wanted was the one that the guy was trying to recommend to us. The guy was so happy that he thought he would get the sell for the day. He was telling us everything about the TV and how he believed that TV would be a great tv. Then he suggested that we go through a payment plan although at the time, we thought we had all the money for it. So we were like well we have the money for the TV why do we want to make payments for it that really sounds stupid you know. (Anyone else agree with me on this one?) Well anyway, we kept talking to this guy and he was basically telling us the best way to go was making payments on it and he could get us set up on a payment plan and I was rolling my eyes the whole time while the guy was talking whatever. I know how these sells people work and he was basically trying to get a sell. Anyway, after all we found out the TV would be way more then we thought it would be we forgot to add taxes right along with that. We were about to walk away and then we asked the guy, well if we do decide to go along with you on this payment plan thing, how much would we be paying for the TV all together. The TV was $650 the guy told us right after the payment plan we would be paying for the TV all together $1000. I laughed I was like I am not paying $1000 for a $600 TV, I don't think so and we were about to leave the store. Then my hubby and I forgot that wal mart is doing layway we were reminded by the associate because the poor girl came back with the TV all on a thing for us and ready to go they had to get it supposedly from a top shelf. She reminded us that we could put it on layway I was like omg I totally forgot about that and so now my hubby is so happy that he will soon be getting his 3D TV. It is so annoying he never stops talking about it. I can't wait till he gets it so I can stop hearing about it. Lol, yet I am sure he'll continue to talk about it after he has it. Ugh, guys and their toys.
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@Anne18 (11036)
17 Jan 13
3D TV..... hope you have got your telly. Hope it is very good and is living up to everything you wanted it ot be. It will be ages until we can afford a 3D TV. Happy viewing