what do you think about this type of guy (man)?

September 28, 2012 7:35am CST
When i'm in senior high school,I was falling in love with someone.He always disturb me with his strange behaviour.And said "I love u", I know he just playing around me,just for fun maybe, and i feel uncomfortable with it,he ever shot me and said that he like me,but in that time i don't believe with that .But time goes so fast,and we are not meet each other for long time.suddenly i feel empty,i always thinking about him althought he didn't think about me..maybe. for about few month we didn't keep in touch..suddenly he send me a messages,and of course i reply it.and he said that he love me and i said that too..and want to make relationship status in FB and I said yes.unexpected he make another relationship with another girl,I just confused with his mean. the problem here is not he make relationship with her.actually whatever he want do it with 100 girl, i don't care. But why he ask me to accept his relationship status in FB??what does it mean?He wanna playing around with me?or he just wanna know my feeling?or he have a revenge to me?If he didn't like or love me so why he did that??or he just make status in FB as a joke? "there are so much question in my mind" and suddenly i assume that he is Playboy because he didn't respect my feeling to him. .But it's just past as time goes i forget all the things about that. what do you think about him??is he playboy?
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• China
28 Sep 12
There are so many such men like him around us.They said "I love you" to many girls at the same time.Yes,I think he just wanted to play around you since he never think about your feelings.I think you should say good-bye to him as soon as you can.
30 Sep 12
yes..should I forgive him? actually i can't forgive him 'till this time.I just pretend to do it because i don't want find enemy
@yiart65 (146)
• Singapore
1 Oct 12
I think he is just playing around and trying to see if he had gotten your attention. His motive of saying all those stuffs to you was already wrong in the first place. Just forget him and move on. You will definitely find a better person than him.
@berting600 (3458)
• Philippines
28 Sep 12
You should be the one who should control your emotions because you did not know what is his real intentions towards you.You must put this in your mind that the most vulnerable victims are girls like yourself who do not know the real intentions of these types of persons who just keep on telling you they love you.Do not let yourself become one of his victims,because most victims of today came from FB relationships,which they though are true.You could be rape and killed by these guys,so beware girl. This is just a friendly gesture.