i forgot to turn off the heat on the water i am boiling

@hotsummer (10449)
September 28, 2012 9:26am CST
so when i went back to the kitchen there is no water anymore on utensil i am boiling the water with. SO i immediately turned the heat off. it was because i was doing some thing else at the house, which is important, that i thought i can remember to get back to what i am boiling . so i was too late to get back to the kitchen . but at least the utensil is not burned . anyway, i didn't any more cook again or i may forget it again. as i am going around the house doing any thing that i think that needs to be done.
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• India
29 Sep 12
Really this incident has happened to me when I was boiling water to prepare rice. During this work I has got a call to my land phone and I was with for many minutes which finally resulted to burn the utensils. It is the day I had recognized that we people must be very careful with our kitchen works. A simple carelessness make our works a lot.
@Paper_Doll (2375)
• Philippines
28 Sep 12
This has happened to my husband three times already. The kettle was totally burned so I am really thankful that the gas stove did not explode or something. He tried to hide to me the other two incidents but I found out about so I told him not to touch the stove again. I would always make sure there's hot water in the thermos before I leave home as those incidents aren't joke. They are dangerous and could burn the house down.