Create own storm

September 28, 2012 9:42am CST
Some People Create Their Own Storm And Get Upset When It Rains Haha..don't get wrong with the quote above, no human can create the storm to rain. The above quote is said that some people like to create their own problem but their are not to solve their problem but just crying for the problem their are create. This quote for me is best to apply in the relationship,any relationship, take an example if you create your own problem that should not be a problem in the first place if you don't create it with you other half and made he or she very angry till he or she don't like to come home be with you and more and more longer till you are very lonely and think back why you like to create the problem till your other half don't like to come home be with you and you will be sorry to yourself and get to upset but the above quote is not so suitable to be apply in whatever you do cause in your path of success sometime, it is definitely you will made mistake or problem, if you not dare to made mistake or problem for your path to success, you are definitely, hard to reaching your success. Are you too agree with the quote above?
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• Indonesia
29 Sep 12
I couldn't agree more with you, for many of the problems that eat up the time and energy, some people may have a hand in causing them theirselves. That means you can quickly do OUR part to have more success with less stress. Some people tend to create problems in their own mind. They weren’t aware of the root cause of earlier forms of the problem, or chose to pursue only band-aid solutions, and now the problem is much worse.
@blinjk (613)
• Philippines
28 Sep 12
I agree that some people create their own problems and they sometimes get upset and start to cry about the problem that they did.They sometimes do worst things just because of the problems that they are facing.Like someone I know,he makes his problems even if it is not a problem at all.And he gets angry and try to argue with other people with no basis at all.Maybe there are lots of people who are like that.But there are situations in our life that no matter how much we avoid these problems,we still face them and it is a part of our life that we face trials everyday.