common READING STRATEGY you used, is it reading between the lines?

@missjahn (4578)
September 28, 2012 9:46pm CST
i remember one member here chastised me because i did not target the meaning of the context clause as she replied to a certain discussion i started (as she thought so) i thought that was funny because i guess no need of her to be upset like that and she can still carry on with the subject and relate herself in getting the gist of it on the topic which i projected (devilish of me, nay! am an angel :)) or maybe our thoughts did not collide and intersect with one another to have connection wayward to understanding and such so let us be serious even a bit; what kind of reading strategy you imposed or yourself engaged of when you come to read some discussions here in mylot? what about this reading between the lines and its meaning? okay, on the other hand, i really waited for my level of participation be reached to five hundred so that i can execute copy-pasting, doing the undo button too in here. opppsss, do not get me wrong that i will copy those articles and paste it in mylot. what i just wanted to copy-paste the meaning of the phrase "reading between the lines and the different types of reading strategies link/s." so let us first know the meaning of it which is: to try to understand someone's real feelings or intentions from what they say or write. so this terms is already self - explanatory for if add some elaboration on this, for sure, it will just make my discussion much longer and boring to read. guys, i will paste a link in here about strategies of reading for this is very important to us as we involved ourselves to writing activities. i hope it will help us to improve our reading skill as we participate in here. so the links are: those links are helpful tools to enhance our reading skill. but wait, as to you, what you likely do to get the gist of the story or discussion in mylot? just simply being you strategy or tactics you would like yourself come along to understand what you read. for me, sometimes, i do not read the whole story but will based my opinion to the title of the discussion itself. but if got confused, i will read the lines two or more times to understand it. have a happy and prosperous day all!
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