I will be a Proctor for tomorrows' Licensure Examination for Teachers...

@aabuda (1729)
September 29, 2012 8:02am CST
Guys, have you tried it before? I mean, being a proctor or room watcher for a Board Exam? Well, I will be a proctor for tomorrows licensure examination for teachers. I am very much excited because after tomorrow, I can already be a regular proctor for the next board exams being conducted by the Professional Regulations Commissions...although the honorarium is just small, still, I am so excited because according to the PRC, they will give us certificate of recognition.
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@ARIES1973 (9531)
• Legaspi, Philippines
30 Sep 12
Hi aabuda! I'm sure you are already done with the day's activity upon reading my response. Yes, I also been doing such thing when I was not yet assigned in the field. I was able to assist during teachers board (LET) and Examinations for police officers, I forgot the name. However, I was not able to serve yet in the examinations for nurses. Because during the time I was called in for that, I was already assigned in other place. The honorarium is also good. I remember, examinations for police officer was for 3 days. Congratulations!
• Philippines
28 Aug 13
Hello! Just wanna ask if proctors do attend the oathtaking ceremonies?
@louievill (18649)
• Philippines
29 Sep 12
ah that's nice, congratulations, you are doing a very honorable job for our country of seeing to it that future generations of Filipinos would be getting quality and high standard of education. I love teachers, my mother is a teacher who never taught( she went to business instead) and i was help raised by my late old maid aunt who was also a teacher but later served in government, I'm very happy for you and your honors when you get the certificate, good luck and please see to it that everything is in order during the board exams
• Philippines
29 Sep 12
I've never been a proctor for a board exam. I wonder how PRC chooses their proctors.