Titanic will Came Back

September 29, 2012 12:29pm CST
I recently saw the news on TV that the movie Titanic will be released again. Well, the movie Titanic was the legendary and almost people like the film. Titanic is the only best and most popular films of the past until now. Its presence is been long awaited by all lovers of film. Maybe that is the reason why the film Titanic to be released again, the desire to treat loyal fans. So, Titanic we are waiting for you!
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• United States
29 Sep 12
I seen it when it was brought back out a few months ago in the US its 3-D now and I have to say that the original was much better than the 3-D version. I love the movie and always will its one of the best movies ever made.
30 Sep 12
Thanks guys for your info, i just know it's the version that is in the 3D version. Because yesterday i only see a cursory. But i am still waiting for the latest version inand aired in the my country. Titanic was a legend and will always awaited by loyal fans.
• United States
20 Mar 13
I saw titanic in 1998 in the movie theater while I was still in high school. I also saw titanic in the theater with my friend Amy in April 2012 when it was released for the anniversary of the 100 year sinking of titanic. I have the movie on dvd and so does my friend. If it plays in theaters again, I will see it more.
8 Oct 12
I loved Titanic movie a lot..It is one of my hollywood favorite movie i ever see.. Hope Titanic 2 will come in notime..
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
5 Oct 12
It's interesting, I wonder what they'll tell this time. James Cameron did a good job telling a fiction romance (it seems he was the rich one and she the poor, and they survived) although I don't like the director in real life. Even the singer and the actress Celine Dion and Kate Winslet seems to be little sick of Titanic I don't know how the public will receive.
@Rasniki09 (184)
2 Oct 12
This movie is legendary and should be re-released every 10 years or something. It's a great story telling that have all the right elements to it. I am never tired of watching it.
@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
29 Sep 12
Well thanks for posting this discussion. of course who can forget the legendary movie called Titanic. it is such a special movie for all of us which is made with a heart. It is one of my all time favorite movies too and i cannot wait any further to catch the movie on big screen again. i want to relive all the moments and sequences of the movie again. What say?