To What Extent should One be Living His Life to the Fullest?

September 29, 2012 8:51pm CST
How do you say that you have already lived your life to the fullest? I have asked this to my friends, and they all have the same answer. If I do all the things that I was not able to do, then it means that I have lived my life to the fullest. How specific can this "do all the things that I was not able to do" get? That I have to think about. Climbing mountains, sky-diving, traveling the world, publishing a book, and so forth. Now that's what I call doing living a life to the fullest. Now how about trying drugs, shoplifting, cheating, and so forth. Will that really make one say that because he's done any of those it means that it's something fulfilling? Maybe it fulfilled his curiosity, but not himself. If he is able to avoid those bad temptations, I would say that he's lived your life to the fullest. Living your life to the fullest does not always mean that you do all the things that you were not able to do but you were able to NOT do the things you're not supposed to do. I wish I can say that I will be able to live my life to the fullest. I hope everyone will be able to. But we're all human. We make mistakes and make bad decisions. But I know that if we learn a good lesson and keep that lesson, then we'll be able to continue in living our lives to the fullest!
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@Shavkat (66202)
• Philippines
12 Nov 12
The people choose to be single, I guess it is their own preferences. I had seen people desire to be alone forever, but then love comes along their way. The crystallized of being single changed, they realized that love can still be found to someone who touched their heart. Living to the fullest is possible without thinking responsibilities for family.
@baby000 (29)
• United States
30 Sep 12
Living life to the fullest can mean different things to different people. To me, if a person is living life to the fullest, he or she feels fulfilled. I don't think it necessarily means you should do dangerous things to yourself etc. However,if a person feels happy and fulfilled, he or she is living life to the fullest. Living life to the fullest can mean simple things such as taking a walk every evening or swimming etc. I am not the one to judge people but, if someone wants to be wild and say they are living life to the fullest that is up to them and God. If they are happy, then good for them.