society is not going to last in current form much longer!

September 30, 2012 5:50pm CST
Completly random story.I was walking along a local Mcdonlads.I saw a manager i knew from working their in the past.It was 7:00 am. He was smoking and drinking right their in the parking lot.Now from my knowlege he is deeply in debt and owes close to 30000.He as to work their for many years just to pay back what he spent on what ever created that debt. Our society sucks plain and simple.The point, I feel that humans are forced into forced labor with no real benfit for the planet we are on.We have to work day in and day out with nothing but forced consumption to keep our economy going.I am trying to live off the the grid now and feel that working in a mindless haze everyday dumb and not what life should be.I will oneday now rely on a job as i will save enought to buy the things needed to live completly off grid and self sustain myself. A bit of random thoughts of mine. I just am tired and am really wondering how long the current society can hold up. !
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