my 9year old son has so many crush.

@luisaR (452)
September 30, 2012 6:29pm CST
i notice my son has more than one crush. He is open wit me on most things and I like it that way...but sometimes I notice he is being serious about this crush for a particular girl. I am not the strict type mom, I tease him at times and make him feel am all supportive...but I observe he is becoming serious about crush that he put in his diary "why don't u love me?" I was a bit surprised for a 9year old boy to feel that way, I told him that it's ok to have crushes but don't be serious about it. He said that he only saw the sentenced in a tv and its no big deal. Am I teasing the boy too much it gets in his mind? Am I too much?
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@GemmaR (8526)
1 Oct 12
It is strange when children start having crushes on other people, and if you're their parent then it can be a little bit scary because of the fact that it shows that your child is growing up, and you might be feeling as though this is happening too quickly for you. You should make sure that your child knows that it is normal to feel like he does, and you should give him all of the information that he needs about relationships as this means that it will make it a lot easier for him in the future. You shouldn't tease him, as this will mean that he won't want to speak to you about his feelings in the future.