I got one tattoo at the age of 25... I am needing another!

United States
October 1, 2012 4:54pm CST
At the age of 25 I got my first tattoo, my daughters name. Since, I have another daughter and need her name tattooed on me too. I can't decide if I should rush it or wait. I really can't even decide which writ I should put it on. My tatto now is on my left inner wrist. You can say my heart is on my sleeve but that is where I like to get tattoos. It was painful and ticklish. It was an annoying nails on a chalkboard kinda feeling and I didn't cry or anything so I welcome anither jut fine. Should I put it in my other wrist or just under this one?
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@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
1 Oct 12
I think if you plan to have another similar design, much better to place it on the same wrist. I have also wanted to have one, a butterfly design on my ankle. But, I never did coz my parents do no approve of it.
• United States
1 Oct 12
I do not approve of tattos either. Since they are permanent I only think to put what is permanent and I would not regret which is why I put my childrens names. I want a big huge flower kinda tatto but never did it. Maybe later in life when I am bored. :) I dont think I would even agree to I Love Mom I dont like tattoos but it is weird I felt it was what I had to do . I dont get it , it was instinct. :) Sorry I make no sense.My mommy brain :)
@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
22 Dec 12
hi, ever since i never wanted to have tattoo in my body but when i was a kid i loved to have tattoo that is why i put some temporary tattoos in my hand before,but they said that this is an art but for me its not,though i have seen many people who had good and nice tattoo.
@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
12 Oct 12
It's great to put another sweet name under the first one sequentially Shows that they are so close and intimately even on your wrist
@dpk262006 (56591)
• Delhi, India
6 Oct 12
You could put it on your another wrist and this will be fine.
@celticeagle (121005)
• Boise, Idaho
2 Oct 12
I wouldn't rush it. It is permanent you know. I would get it on the other wrist.
• United States
1 Oct 12
I have my daughter's name a short distance from my shoulder on my arm. It hurt like crazy and then on my right forearm I have adrian's name. I am not getting anymore since I will not be having any more kids. I think you should put your next tatto on the other wrist. or put it on the outer side of this other wrist and make it connect like a wristlet. I always said I would do that if I had more kids.