Price of adoption, leaves people loveless...

United States
October 1, 2012 10:43pm CST
I don't understand this. It is FREE, pretty much to get pregnant and have children. Yet, those extremely unlucky couples, that have tried everything and spent thousands and hundreds of thousands, still are unable to fill the hole in their lives. Then what happens, they go about spending tens of thousands of dollars, years on waiting list, before even getting a yes or no. WHY? They are willing and begging to take one of these precious children with them, these couples should be paid themselves, considering it is the government paying for these homes. Yet, it seems becoming a foster parent is alot easier, which should be the hardest, considering they have to be able handling the child leaving for some reason or another. (Don't get me wrong, I applaud those in the foster care/adoption agency; their work is hard. It's just, if the foster homes system worked better, maybe we'd have a better system in the adoption agency too.) I just think it is unfair, many families have been broken before they've had a chance to thrive. These children deserve this chance at being loved, cared for, and taught; they are to be the future. Just wish it was a better system, for the many, that want that second chance at family and those who want it for the first time. The parent and child bond, whether blood or not, is still deep. Thoughts and comments.
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@marguicha (97534)
• Chile
22 Oct 12
Inmy country, Chile, in legal adoptions it is difficult to go through all the paperwork and many kids do not find parents who will love them because the cannot get through all the red tape. The legal adoption agency is not expensive but, as you say, you could wait years for a child. Some others quit trying that way and "buy" babies in remote areas with the aid of midwives or whoever helped the mothers who gave birth. I am sure babies would be much safer with their adopted parents if the legal adoption center was more flexible and social workers worked faster. There is an age to parent and if you wait too long, you`d be better as a grandparent than as a father or mother.