look at my one mangosteen plant - yahoo!

mangosteen plant - i planted this plant, hope to grow it big then could reap from this delicious and nutritious fruit. love it ("V")
@missjahn (4577)
October 2, 2012 4:38am CST
wow, i cannot believed it. look at my mangosteen plant at the uploaded picture i attached herewith into this discussion. so nice and so happy to see it as it grows like that now. i so well remember that plant was came from a single seed from a mangosteen fruit we used to buy along the road as me and my boyfriend visited their place in the southern part of our area (davao) along with my sister and my boyfriend's cousin. well, we were just travelling over a motorcycle and had fun. i remember too that i complained as i bought one kilo of this fruit for i thought that it was too expensive (almost three dollars). so i promised then to sow one seed of that fruit in the backyard. now, i can see it growing. hope that it will grow more and will bear fruits in the near future. ahhaha... need to wait five years i guess. but is it okay. what about you guys, what fruit you planted in your backyard or home owned land? see you here - thanks :)
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@mikyung (2234)
• Philippines
2 Oct 12
It seems that you love gardening, and I congratulate you for being one of those who enjoy helping the environment. We have several fruit tree in our backyard. It really pays to have those for it is good for the environment. Aside from the fruit tree we got from the tree, we also have fresh air, good ventilation, prevents pollution and floods. Oh, I have mango tree, avocado tree and a lot of them. Nice one there. Thanks
@missjahn (4577)
• Philippines
5 Oct 12
hello there... oh yes, i love growing fruit trees. it does not give nutritious and delicious fruits but give cool ambiance to the surrounding that made inside your house have a cool effect. love watching trees with green leaves for it can help you relax and could be a good remedy for the eyes that are so tired by facing the computer everyday. :) and yes you are right that, it can help lessen pollution and stop floods. thanks for joining here :)