naturaly inducing labor

By C
@ShyBear88 (17712)
United States
October 3, 2012 5:41pm CST
Have you ever tired any natural ways to induce labor? I have with my second baby. I was tried of waiting for him to be born and I was at the point where my doctor was telling me if I went into labor she wasn't going to stop after 2 weeks of being in the hospital and not being able to go into labor I was ready for my little guy to come out. So I did a lot of things. I walked up and down the stairs, I dance, I tried having and orgasium to get him to come out. I ate pizza, had spice food and even at pineapple. Finally the night before he was born I drank some Castro oil in Orange juice that did trick for me. I had that at mind night and by 8am I was having contractions and before then I had already dilated to 2cm so when I went in at 9am because I had to wait an hour before going to make sure I was really get contractions and of course they have to double check once I got there. It helped kick start my labor.
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