The Legacy of Gaston Leroux the man who created the Phantom of the Opera

Pasay, Philippines
October 4, 2012 4:08am CST
His wide imagination has reference wherein he visited some venues when he created the story, such as underground lake where the Phantom hid and even stumbled upon the skeletons of “some poor wretches who had been massacred under the Commune in the cellars of the Opera.” which is according to the website of Phantom of the Opera. Amazingly I can't imagine how he combined the knowledge of law and love of theater.At first the reviews about the story was disappointing according to the readers. But it has still made the public interest when it was been generated the serialization into French, English and American that was been put into newspapers with illustration. Upon the serialization it was brought into Universal Pictures to film it in 1925. Unfortunately he wasn't able to witness the success of his novel that he created but then his legacy remains until to our generation that people would never forget. In his 60 novels that he created he didn't earned much to get rich even 1 of them. To begin with he is already rich because of inheritance by his father who died. He became a gambler which it became his vice but then it was been wasted. I don't know what happened to his status after that but it wasn't really stated that he became unfortunate or the one who is lacking finances. I am wondering now if he is still alive witnessing that his novel became musical plays in broadway that is being performed by the professional actors and actresses. I am thinking how rich he is right now because of acknowledging his novel.
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