Mindless Arguments when in Love

@rs1982 (99)
United States
October 4, 2012 5:05pm CST
It is funny when you have idiotic fights when in love. Something happens and leads to a small disagreement. The same happened once to Mr.Ocean and lady M..the inseparable couple I spoke of, in my earlier posts. It was not a fight but a funny incident and I wish to share it here. Well, I did take their approval and they do want it to be on the blog. Hence, here I recollect the incident that still brings smiles to us. One fine evening, they had some discussion. I guess it was about how she was busy the next day and said she couldn't see him. They met everyday. He walked her to college and went back to his office (they were both nearby..)However, he could use the other subway but he preferred the same route that she took. That evening she said, she would be busy with the birthday party at Mac Donalds near college. Hence, she may not find time to meet him. She also said something hurtful..as to how he doesn't care for her and her friends..I guess she just wanted to fight with him so that she could sulk and he could pamper her. Unfortunately, he did feel hurt and they didn't speak much for rest of the evening. The next day morning, she waited at the subway but later realized that he had mentioned, he wouldn't be able to come that day. He had some late night work at office and hence would be late to work the following day. She felt bad, standing at the subway and later walked to college with her friends..who came in the next train. All through the walk to college, she thought back what she said. She realized she was being idiotic and decided to surprise him by going over to his office and apologize to him. That being decided, she went to college, attended her classes (all the time, thinking of him and hoping he would smile again). Friends and she went to the party. They were just done with blowing candles and she sees him enter the restaurant! She never expected him to be there. He came with his friend and joined her group of friends. They were delighted to see him there. Now here's the fun part. He was sitting in a chair next to her but didn't look at her. He had missed her a lot too (and it wasn't even 24 hrs that they last met). Yet, he pretended to be angry. She said hi to him..and whispered a sorry but he pretended not to hear. She tried to hold his hand from under the table but he gently took her hand and put it back on her lap. That's it..she felt too sad. Her face became small and she just looked up at him. No one else at the table knew what was happening. It was just between these two. Then, when he saw her face, his anger was all gone in a jiffy. He took her hand from under the table and put it on his lap and held her palm tight. That touch was enough and they had made up. No more words, no more apologies. It was all understood. After the party, her friends planned to go shopping. He told her friends that he plans to kidnap her for an hour and will drop her back at the subway when they would be back from shopping. Together, they went back to his office. Stood by the window on the top floor. She was there, standing close to him and he spoke, very gently. They each spoke of how they missed each other. They promised never to fight again. Simply because they couldn't remain angry on one another. They felt that life was too short for fights and needless arguments. He bought her chocolates that she loved and asked her to smile. She was too happy to hug him and be there. Isn't it a great way to make up with your loved one? Well, though they aren't together, they cherish these nostalgic memories till date. Neither of them forgot a single day spent together!
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@GemmaR (8526)
5 Oct 12
I think that it is normal to have arguments when you are a couple, but there is a difference between having a bit of an argument which can be forgotten quickly and having a argument which makes you actually angry about the person who you are in love with. If you can make up with each other quickly after the argument started then it is much better, however if you're finding that you are ignoring each other for several days then you need to think about whether he is the right person for you, because you should be able to sort things like that out.
@arizen (152)
• Philippines
5 Oct 12
I think mindless/irrational arguments in love happen as products of frustrations in the relationship. Unconsciously, people vent their frustrations toward picking little fights and arguments