Which one is better?

maroon cake - cake for engagement
October 7, 2012 10:51am CST
Need your opinions please ^^ I will get engaged this December, and we will had a little "meeting" between my family and my boyfriend's family. I want a cake on that event. At first I decided to order this kind of cake (as seen on picture), and I plan to get it written such as "we're engaged!" or "my-name & my-boyfriend's-name Engagement day" or something like that. But then I saw some 5 Tiers Cupcake, and it looks so pretty!! I don't think I will use 5 tiers because it will be too much for our simple party, I think 3 tiers is enough. Buttt.. I can't write anything on it. I'm so confused. I really love those both of cakes. What about you mylotters? ^^
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@laika28 (11)
• United States
8 Oct 12
That cake is adorable! I think a cake for a meeting would be better; it's little bit more formal.
• Indonesia
8 Oct 12
Yes it is! that's why I love it. hahaha! Yeah I also think the cake is more suitable for the event, but cupcakes will look pretty in our pictures. :D So confusing @_@
• United States
7 Oct 12
Maybe you can have a little bit of both. The bakery at the local grocery store had cupcakes all together and then frosted them like a cake (all one piece) so that you could write on it. Then you can get more cupcakes separate for everyone to share. I know that cupcakes are the in thing right now. If this link works, here"s an example www.blurtit.com/q6514851.html
• Indonesia
7 Oct 12
oh I see!! yeah, that's a good idea too, thank you! I will discuss it with my boyfriend too. And now I have one more idea (from you, hahaha) to choose :D
@galileo2008 (1147)
• Philippines
9 Dec 12
I think you would have to choose the 3 tiers cake as it's only a meeting with his family. I would say the 3-tiered cake is enough and you can write a short phrase like "we're engaged"... or something like that. You can then order a 5-tiered cake on your wedding day.
@Mavic123456 (14495)
• Thailand
7 Dec 12
If I will be asked, which you did... lol. I would prefer a cake that would benefit all, say, not too sweet, healthy ones, because for sure the people who are going to eat it are oldies already. I will not really go to what I want because I can have it for myself (LOL). I want everyone to enjoy by not sacrificing health and tastes. but really I would like to consider the people who are going to eat. About the what will be the message of the cake? you can have what you want to put...no problem with that. both looks appetizing.
@coffeebreak (17820)
• United States
1 Nov 12
That heart cake is adorable!!! I think either would be great...but...maybe make it depend on the style of the dinner. Is it a buffet or sit down? I'd say if it was buffet...have the cupcakes as long as there is enough for each guest to have one cupcake. For writing on them...put his name on the bottom tier, your name on the middle tier and both your names on the cupcakes on the top tier. Or maybe the date. Or..maybe just decorate them in nice fashion and get some picks that say "we're engaged!" or something like that that you just stick into the cupcake..usually they are plastic, like a flag or heart. Or..do both! A small cake with both of you on it and the cupcakes all around it with some have his name on them, some have your name on them.