What’s the hell with ‘Fixedeurobux’?

October 8, 2012 11:40am CST
I joined ‘Fixedeurobux’ a few weeks ago under referral of a fellow mylotter. So long it was working fine for me and I was extremely happy with it. But recently I observed a strange thing occurring there and was compelled to change my views on it. On two consecutive days, probably on 1st and 2nd October,2012, when I logged in to click on the ads, I was shocked to discover most ads to be extremely low rated but with higher duration of time for validation of the click. Some ads are even ‘zero’ priced with duration of time for validation of the click as 2 seconds. I am enclosing below what I observed. Have anyone who is already a member of the site noticed this sudden unexpected change in the running of this PTC site? In this context, I like to mention that it made me suspicious about the probable fate of the site and I immediately that someone in mylot had already predicted that it was going to be scam very soon. But unfortunately, I did not pay heed to that warning and continued to work with it as the target of reaching the minimum payout was not far away. But now on realizing the actual picture behind the screen, I immediately clicked on the ‘Request pay out’ section of the site as I have just crossed over the minimum payout. But I found that payment was not possible due to membership type being different for me. I sent a message to the authority of the site asking for an explanation. But sorry to say that I am yet to find any answer in my email box from the site. After that, I have not dared again to log in the site and I am not sure whether it still exists or has gone scam. Is anyone of a member of the site? Have you also the same bitter experience as I have with it? If you are a member of the site, I would ask you to visit the site immediately to check it yourself. It is then up to you to decide what you would do henceforth. $0.0000 2 sec $$$--Paid Sites---$$$ $$$----No need to invest----$$$
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