Do you have weird dreams when you are over tired?

October 8, 2012 5:16pm CST
I don't normally dream all that much. However lately I have been having some very weird dreams. You know, the kind that you wake up thinking "What the ??" I haven't been too well these past 4 months and have been very over tired. Most of the dreams I am having don't make a lot of sense. There are people from my past and present as well as people I have never even met. Just wondering if anyone else has weird dreams?
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@deazil (4556)
• United States
8 Oct 12
I used to dream a lot. Many of my dreams were like science fiction. I don't dream as much now maybe because I'm not working and I'm under a different kind of stress. The stress from work involved other people. I don't generally put much stock in the meaning of dreams but someone once gave me a book on dream interpretation. I think stress, being over tired and anything out of the norm can cause a person to have strange dreams. I've known people that used the nicotine patch to quit smoking and they said it made them dream. A lot. One woman told me she had to stop using it because she was having nightmares. And only one person said it didn't cause him to have dreams. Actually dream researchers say that everyone dreams, you just don't remember them. I figured another reason I might have weird dreams was because my life was so boring and the dreams had a lot of excitement in them. So, you're not alone with having weird dreams.
• Australia
9 Oct 12
Hey deazil, thanks for your reply. Like you, I don't read too much into dreams either. I think stress may be playing a big role - two boys with autism, Uncle from England visiting for a month over Christmas as well as the day to day goings on. They are just so weird, funny but weird lol
@williamjisir (22903)
• China
22 Oct 12
Most times I don't remember my dreams well, but broken memories about the dreams. Sometimes I can remember them well if I wake up immediately after the dream. Some might be weird and usually they don't make sense to me. Take care.
@911Ricki (13602)
• Canada
9 Oct 12
I found when I use to work the midnight shift I was like this. It was crazy the dreams I had but never put two and two together for years.