What Do You Think Guys, Will Dexter Die in the End of the Series?

October 9, 2012 7:03am CST
Well usually serial killers die in the end and I am wondering if DEXTER will die too. What do you think guys? By the way just watch the latest episode from Telepisodes.net and it really rocks big time!
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@chiwasaki (4661)
• Philippines
25 Nov 12
Yes, that is one ending that almost everyone is expecting. Dexter can't seems to completely disregard his dark passenger. Probably another not so good ending is if he will end up in a mental facility haha. But I love this show, Dexter is really a genius.
25 Nov 12
It seems that Dexter can't really have a "Happy ending!" Sad but it seems closer to what really others expect. Oh well, I hope there will be more than 8 seasons for this series.
@Rasniki09 (184)
9 Oct 12
For a minute there I really thought he killed that guy and was just pretending with Deb but when he opened the trunk and put the guy on the bench I was relieved. He is really trying to be good. I love Dexter. I wonder what Lagurda (sp) is up to with all that secret investigation? I really don't trust her.
10 Oct 12
I think Maria Laguerta just want some sort of closure about Doakes since she can't still believe that he is the Bay Harbor Butcher. But she got nothing that will lead to Dex, nothing yet.
@elsino91 (443)
• Poland
9 Oct 12
Do you mean if he'll die at the end of the entire show or the season? Because dying at the end of the season wouldn't make sense since the show has been renewed for an 8th season as well. But if you meant the show then I don't think he'll die to be honest. The show is all about how he overcomes all his problems and copes with being a serial killer and working for Miami PD. I think hell sooner let go of his dark passenger than die because unlike the guy who killed himself on the last episode he is ok with what he does and doesn't feel remorse over what it is he does. So, no, I don't think they'll kill him off.
10 Oct 12
What I mean is at the end of the entire show (maybe at the end of 8th or 9th if they can still work out something to extend Dexter's story). Since Deb knows about his serial killing activity, she might be the one to stop him by putting him to jail or Dex might stop her first. I just love this show!