Even top athletes are sting by the Gangnam bug.. :-)

October 10, 2012 2:13am CST
Hey guys, as we all know that ever since PSY's Gangnam single has been released, people have simply gone mad and crazy about it and it is pretty much evident from the millions and millions of likes on the day it was first posted online. Recently you could see top class West indies cricketer Chris Gayle dancing to its tunes on the eve of the T20 finale. i was shocked when Novak Djokovic was asked to perform on this song when he won The China Open tennis tournament and he performed it with ease. In the end he admitted that he has also caught up the Gangnam fever and since he had promised his fans to perform on this song if he wins the tournament so he could not deny performing in front of the crowd. Crazy stuff huh! Now i am looking forward to who is going to perform next. What are your thoughts regarding this? Are u also in the likes of Gayle and Djokovic? Do u like Gangnam video or not?
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• Philippines
10 Oct 12
hi sub, Even here our basketball players are hooked by this music Well I find it cool it really hit now a days much hit that Teach Me How To Douggie happy mylotting
• India
10 Oct 12
Hey thanks a ton for your response. Well glad to hear that even the basketball players are plagued by the Gangnam style and yes it do gives u a pleasure to see players performing on a music as we have always seen them struggling on the court. So it is kind of refreshment for all of us. It is really a cool music and u can tap your feet anytime u want. Ha ha. What say?