Better off as friend

October 10, 2012 5:17am CST
What if you get in love with your friend?Are you willing to give up everything and destroy your friendship to get what your heart wants? It started with this. I went here in Manila to continue my study in college. First, it was hard because I was in adjusting period that time. Who would not ,right? My life in the province was so different from my life now in Manila. As days goes by, I had met friends. Actually, on my first day, I met a friend. Just like my time in high school, in only first few days there would be silence but will end on knowing and started a gig. I don't expect that those funny stuff with my classmates was one of the greatest in my life. And another thing was that I fell in love with one of my friend. I ignore my feeling because maybe it's just a simple affection, a nonsense feeling that any person would not want. I hide it on myself. It was hard because it feels like you were carrying a heavy things in your heart. I told to myself that I must stop it because he might get away with me. He is a good friend. I love the way he whisper something on me. I love the way he sit beside me, the way he laugh and greet me. All the things I love with him are the things that I hate him so much. It feels awkward that I'll just ignore him every time he would say "hi". He makes me feel special though for him, it's nothing.
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@GemmaR (8526)
10 Oct 12
I was in the position once where a friend of mine felt more towards me than I did towards him. It was a shame really because he is a lovely guy and if I did like him in that way then I suppose that we could have been very happy as a couple but I just didn't see him like that at all. It took a long time for us to get our friendship back again because I know that I did upset him with the way that I reacted to him telling me that he liked me, but hopefully I do know that our friendship will continue in the future as I would like it to.
• Nigeria
11 Oct 12
It is a very risky thing to do because your friend can only be your friend and not your lover. the reasons are you might loose him or her as a friend wen you break up with him or her. they might be some misunderstanding that might not be good or your kind of friendship, on the other hand your might turn out to be best of lovers but it is hardly difficult to come trough i would prefer you to stick to normal friendship than expressing you feelings to your friend.
@khhhaaaat (112)
• Philippines
12 Oct 12
That is a really hard position you're in. A friend you love but you can't freely say. To top it off, he is your friend. Well, the question is, Are you the only one in-love? Are you quite sure? Might be that he also has feelings for you. Does he have a girlfriend? But let's not jump into conclusions yet. I believe it would be the best to check on him. Or like test him to be accurate. So that once and for all, you will know if you have mutual feelings. It's better to check out now rather than just keep it to yourself. So that your heart and mind can feel at ease. btw, Is he a shy type? If he is, then that's another story.