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New Zealand
October 10, 2012 8:49pm CST
Oh dear i feel like a dork.I have been learning how to drive and it had been a month now,Still i am not ready for my restricted.Still getting into wrong lanes,cutting corners,moving out of my line.At times poor gap selection while turning.When Will it get into my head.I have been training daily now since a week.Mind you I have been improving but now enough to sit the test.Now even the test has become so hard and long.I feel cheated that i an giving the exam when it is soo hard and tough.My mom and dad both took a week each to get the basics right and in a week or so cleared the exam.My sister did in a month and here i am...So what id i am in a different country driving is driving after all.Hopeless is the only word.What do you say.What are your experiences regarding driving.And any tips of getting out of this mold.All responses are highly appreciated!!
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11 Oct 12
Dont worry coolimrose. It is a very simple solution for each of your issues. Wrong lane - Nothing much you can do, just follow the arrows. Cutting Corners - Watch this = Also try to maintain a balance of your car's speed and while turning a corner. Considering you are going to turn at 50kmh, you will require to turn the steering at a slower pace compared to turning at 100kmh. Conclusion, you can consider that going at 100kmh would require you to turn faster and earlier. Watch typical driver driving on youtube, and watch how a professional drifter drives. Because a drifter is going at a faster speed, it would require him to turn the steering faster. Moving out of my line - This issue is probably caused by the road. I understand alot of time people control their steering too tightly, or trying to hold it straight according to the road. But that is wrong. Your hands on the steering should be lose. You should be able to manipulate small juncture's without moving out of your line. Holding the steering any tighter would cause you to not able to swiftly response in case of an emergency. Also focus on the other cars on the road than watching the road. Watching the road is wrong, as a road may have 4 lanes, but they all maybe packed with cars. You wouldnt be able to hit a road, but you may hit a car. Other tips - The side and back mirror have saved my life countless time. Spam it! A good driver checks their mirrors every 2mins. Understand the car you are driving. Feel the car as you turn, dont be in control the car. But feel the car. Driving any brand of car may varies on the way it turn, the speed it accelerates, top speed and etc. So no car is identical in controls. So feel the car when u turn, feel it when u accelerate. Your seating in a car is very vital in driving. Too comfortable you may be falling asleep in long drives. Too uncomfortable, you probably wont be able to focus in driving. Understand how u need to seat. On top of that your elbows should have a 45degree bend in order for a swift turn. Watch how your family members drive. How much your dad turns at a particular corner. Watch his legs, on how hard he brakes, and when he accelerates. I was also wondering, are you driving a manual car? and are you comfortable with driving a manual? Also, practice makes perfect. Your not the only one failing driving exams. And dont be intimidated that your not passing. I passed my driving exam, but i never could do a reverse parking. So i practiced parking at 2am in the morning in an open air car park. I would try to reverse park, come down the car just to check if im in the box. After a week or two of practicing, you will surely get it.
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11 Oct 12
Absolutely mind blowing.Are you a trainer???I agree with all your points and have taken note and today i will try to bring them into action.I am a disabled person so i cannot use my legs properly.We have got the car modified i.e we have got hand controls in.Hand controls on the left and steering wheel on the right.There is a knob which i need to hold on at all times.You might have seen such modification.In NZ most cars are automatic unlike India where my mom,dad sister drives,there all cars are usually manual.Seating is also a big issue because I am huge and just don't understand where to throw my legs.But all said and done i really enjoy driving and I know it will help me get to places i want to go without being dependent on others.It is more of a necessity and i shall en devour to do my best.Thanks a million for writing this reply.I know it would have taken a huge chunk of your time but believe me it will make a huge difference in somebody's life...for now and always..
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11 Oct 12
i think i was 12 or 13 when i started to learn to drive a car. At 8 or 9, i learned how to ride a bicycle and then at 10 or 11, i learn to ride a motorcycle. I think what is important is that you learn the flow of traffic and instinctively the rest follows with regards to coordination of hand, feet and sight, and the distinctive feel for moving in and around the streets..