The reason why I like media gadgets compared to smart phones.

October 10, 2012 10:52pm CST
A thought struck me lately, I've always thought I liked my iPod Touch better than owning an iPhone. Not that it's cheaper but I think I know why, and other guys might have the same scenario as this. The thing is, a media gadget (ex: iPod Touch) focuses all of it's functions on media like music, video, games and whatnot. If you add a phone function on it, you'd be spending more time on this gadget with it's phone features like texting a person or communicating with people through calls. In a way, you get to neglect the extra media features if you think of it more of as a phone. And plus, you'd be conscious of the battery life too. I'd like to have a separate phone and a separate device. That's what's up for me. Because all of the energy I use for the media gadget is focused on media, the music, the videos, the photos and the tools. Phone aside. What do you guys think?
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• United States
27 Jan 13
Well I don't see much of a point in getting an iPhone. I mean..I have no one to call so I would just be using the apps, movies, music ect. and also you have to buy a service plan or something to use the phone, the iPod touch even has phone apps and stuff like skype anyway so if you really want to call someone you can do it. I just think that if I ever wanted a phone I would just use the home phone or get a cheap cellphone. A phone is a phone and a media player is a media player...
@adforme (2116)
11 Oct 12
With as much as some people text, that eliminates the need for a lot of voice on the phone. From what I understand, an ipod touch can have internet along with media, music, video, photos, and tools. So, instant messaging should be easy. It is up to you to decide your need for a phone. But, as a driver, I like to have a cell phone.
@mrsuniega (789)
• Philippines
11 Oct 12
yes that's a great idea. having a media console is a thumbs up for me. you know a smart phone can do every thing now, but I think if you are really looking for saving battery life and the only purpose for your phone might be just for communication. ipod touch can also be installed with a sim card reader which is available now.
@riyauro (6428)
• India
11 Oct 12
that is the reason that people get those phone. I would like to own an iphone too.. I love it. you have a good point. I think people choose the phone because then it becomes easier to carry one gadget and have it all in it, rather than 2 gadgets. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day ahead.
@agmamayo (804)
• Philippines
11 Oct 12
In a way you are right my friend. Most of us are into smartphones now which can do almost everything we ever wanted in a small gadget. In these technological type of society we are living in, people spend so much money in buying the newest trends of smartphones or gadgets on the market, without having to think about the similarities and functions those new phones have compared to their older smartphones. The trend now is "what's new, is cool". Because smartphones are capable of doing almost anything, as you say people forget some of the features in them, we are much into text messaging and call features, thus we forget the other applications in them. We sometimes complain of shorter battery life on certain smartphones that is why at times most of us do not intend to play games or listen to music through our smartphones because we better conserve the battery for text and calls. Your suggestion of having to buy a phone and a separate media gadget is a nice thing, and might be much cheaper than buying a high end smartphones loaded with applications, where to no avail we wont be using in the long run, instead we are just stuck with the phone features of sending text messages and calls.