free 10 gb storage online just like USB

October 11, 2012 8:39am CST
Its a great to share an idea to those who want and looking a space online for their files, whether it is a documents, software, movie, and etc.. 10 gigabytes of storage upon free signing up, and if you referred others you will added more space up to 900 gigabytes , its so cool.. earn more space at
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@rog0322 (2834)
• Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
12 Oct 12
Hi, There are lots of that online storage but the thing that keep me from uploading my files there is the slow downloads when I need them. I store my files instead in flash disks and DVD-ROMS that I can carry with me anywhere, ready to use on or off line.
• Philippines
12 Oct 12
yeah, your had a point, for me every files ive got, i uploaded it secured online with back up site for future use. On the nature of my job, usb or cd something are supposedly not my options, how if my computer corrupted, or something had happened with your house or office, like what we encountered at the camp, the usb or cd matter has been damaged, however the disadvantage of it, not every corner of the jungle have an internet ;)
@rameshchow (5284)
• India
19 Oct 12
we have 72GB storage facility in gmail, then it is very much small know?
@Bionicman (3967)
• Czech Republic
16 Oct 12
I wouldn't trust my files to stay there because it looks like some site that would be around just for a year or 2 year maximum and then vanish. Basic 10GB after signing is nothing. There are much better and more reliable websites for that purpose around.
• Indonesia
16 Oct 12
hello, fly, so far I never try online storage. may be because I don't have necessity about it yet. what files you save on online storage?? do you think it's safe?
@bloodmask (590)
• India
16 Oct 12
There are lot of other websites which does the same like this until they have a good user base and name. What they want now a lot of users and after that they get to limited version. One such site like this that I can name is