The Law Of Giving

United States
October 11, 2012 8:11pm CST
The law of giving is one of the seven spiritual laws of success. As you give, so shall you receive. The more you give, the more blessed you become. Giving is a cosmic force that keeps the gifts and abundance of life flowing like the current of a river. (from current the word currency - money - was derived. If you stop giving, you stop the flow). Do you agree?
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@GemmaR (8526)
12 Oct 12
I think that it is very important in life to be able to strike a healthy balance between giving and taking. One of the things that I have learned when I was growing up was that if you are nice to people, then they are much more likely to be nice to you in return. For example I always try to make an effort with people's birthday and Christmas presents, and I find that if I do this then they do the same for me. If you are always there for a friend when you are needed, then they will always be there for you as well when you need to favour returning.
@ajlasent (485)
• Philippines
12 Oct 12
I believe in this idea. :) People who have giving souls tend to be blessed even more. :D Good deeds beget good deeds which is why doing good acts towards others is so much better than just being passive in this world. :) Simple acts of kindness go a long way....