How To Improve My Spoken English

October 12, 2012 9:42am CST
I am an English major student and I have trouble with my spoken English.Our teacher is teaching us to read in a correct tone.The problem is that I can't speak it correctly. Also, I don't know how to express my idea fluently and make me understood. Can you provide me some effective way to improve my spoken english?
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12 Oct 12
my friend , the best way to improve english is practice . How ? 1. listen - watch movies,news,documentary 2. speaking - do not hesitate to speak english with friends and family 3. reading - read as much as you can , it could be newspaper or business column anything which you have interest in 4. write - practice to write and try to correct yourself then show it to instructor for final result best of luckk my friend , hope these tips will help you .
@zeedo666 (150)
• Poland
26 Oct 12
You can find many useful websites where you can practise all these skills. Eg. italki or lang-8 - you can write a blog there and native speakers will correct all your mistakes. you can also make friends there and talk with them via skype. if you don't wont to use skype on some websites are voice chats (eg. sharedtalk). duolingo - a website on which you can translate pages from wikipedia to your native language (the site is still developing so for now there are only english, spanish, french and german accessible). In addition when you prepare flashcards with new vocabulary make sure that they include not only single words but also frequently used phrases and longer constructions, that will make your speaking more fluent. :)
@adhyz82 (36263)
• Indonesia
26 Oct 12
i think you should practice your english wherever you are, whenever you are.. every time you get the good friend for conversation, don`t be shy..just practice..
@youless (93102)
• Guangzhou, China
15 Oct 12
I am sure you have heard a saying: Practice makes perfect. As long as you practise spoken English much more, then you will make a progress sooner or later. And today it is quite convenient for you to find anybody who speaks in English online. Take good advantage of the internet and it is a good way to improve your English.
@pgiblett (6587)
• Canada
12 Oct 12
The key to improving your spoken English is to do more of it; especially with native English speakers. Many people whose first language is not English are let down by failing to use some of the subtleties of the language and more often than not this is because they to not use it enough as a part of their communications. One of the best ways to improve your spoken English is to find a local Toastmasters club that uses English for all of its communications. Stand up and complete your first speech and you will be encouraged to do more and to extend you vocabulary.
@milkliu (85)
• China
12 Oct 12
read more,listen more,practice more!