do you missed student life?

@asliah (11148)
October 13, 2012 7:15am CST
greetings to all of you,while i travel this morning i passed to a school which is a high school and i have seen many students,and suddenly in my mind i thought the life of being a student before and i missed the time when i was a student,the time where i had experienced to cried because of some negligence in the school,of being popular in the school,being suspended in the school because of naughtiness attitude.and during that time i have learned how to love of course,how to hurt and even how to be foolish person. how about you,do you miss being a student?why?what are those experienced you had during schooling time that you will never forget in your life?why?
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@Xinyu100 (34)
• China
21 Oct 12
To be honest,I don't miss my student life during the middle school and high school,and I want to say ,the 2 stages are really bad for me,I hate that time,do you know ,6 years is really long ,many things will be changed in this time stage.but I was too naive and silly,I didn't use it well,I lost too many chances in my body ,my hobby,my communication skill,and I even don't have friends,I usually regret why didn't I hold this important time?why didn't I make some friends?why didn't I to be outgoing,to do more exercises?And why my classmates are unfriendly with me? ok,all the things has past,life goes on,I forget that,I just walk on my road,I should enjoy my life and don't mind other people who has hurt me.
@kokomo (1867)
• Philippines
17 Oct 12
Of course, I really really missed my high school days. That time, I learned how to dream about my future and to be able to reach that I pursued to study. I learned also how to blush, blush because I felt that strange feelings every time I see my crush.I learn to transform as a lady. I learn to be more motivated and be responsible enough in life.
@GemmaR (8526)
14 Oct 12
I graduated with a degree in July, and I have very much missed that kind of life ever since. I miss being able to see my friends every day which is what I got to do while I was there. Now, we are all far too busy to be able to meet up even once per month, so it often gets to weeks later before we manage to get anything done. To some extent I also miss the assignments and the lectures, because I actually love to learn. But sadly this is something that I took for granted at the time because it was all that I had ever known and I didn't know that I would miss it quite so much.
@aabuda (1729)
• Philippines
14 Oct 12
The thing that I misses in being a student was those sleepless nights that I really did in order to study for my subjects....I have to study in order to maintain my scholarship and really it was so tough maintaining my grades...
@khaezi (1003)
• Philippines
13 Oct 12
Hi asliah..yeah me too i miss being a student, those of activities friends and cuties I remember that time i'm so studious and aiming to get good grades because my grandfather would get angry at me if fail any's really good to reminisce those funny moments in classrooms..