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United States
October 15, 2012 12:00am CST
Anyone watch Revolution? Remember the show awhile back, where something like this did happen for a small number of people. It was a reality show, to see what different people with different job skills and backgrounds would be able to do.What are your thoughts, concerns, worries. If this actually happened to us, what would be the major concern and worries I would worry more on sickness, disease, healthy living environment, clean water, a safe environment for my children. Living in a city, it would be tougher than living out in the country, where you'd have wildlife, cleaner water sources and smaller chance of disease of contamination and clean living. Of course, not being able to get in touch with friends or family far away or across the ocean. If you have a loved one on some sort of machine or very important medicines or daily/weekly treatment, these would be something to worry. But what about crime, murder, greed. Plus, the animals that would turn wild because they aren't able to the care they need anymore. What your thoughts on it. Could you try and work together with others to try and survive and improvise with what you have to invent other items to work, Or would you just be about yourself and trying to keep yourself alive.
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