Online Shopping Worlwide Shipping

October 15, 2012 8:14am CST
Do you know guys the most pioneer and highly trusted companies that do offers online shopping that ships worldwide, please share your ultimate opinions.
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@rog0322 (2834)
• Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
16 Oct 12
Hi, You should try I have made my first purchase there a while back in spite of many horror stories I hear about online shopping. Do not buy expensive items though, the danger is always there, of wrong items sent, not sent, and your money gone for good. Yes, I'm still a skeptic.
• Philippines
26 Oct 12
Thanks for your response and opinion buddy, but as I have known is a market place and the products offers there are owned by different sellers, I want a company that owns the whole product which ships internationally on what ever regions, plus very trusty with a good quality, in market place you still need to verify whether the seller is trusted or not, this is to make sure of spending is worthwhile for my people who wants to shop online and even do their affiliate business for them to earn. by the way everyone please join my team for a list of pure legit online jobs build up from M2JARS Corporation its "M2JARS Platinum Team"
@youless (94778)
• Guangzhou, China
16 Oct 12
I am from China and in the past I tried to buy something from Amazon in USA. It seems silly because I have to pay for the delivery. Even though, it is still less expensive than buying from here, hard to believe. It is not so difficult to deliver it to China. I have to select the right freight company and they will arrange the shipment. I am glad that finally I received my products after a few weeks. It is acceptable.
@marguicha (106468)
• Chile
15 Oct 12
I`ll be waiting for other mylotters reply to your post, matthew. I need that too. I want to buy a pair of jeans but the shipping is only in the United States. I`m sure those companies exist, but I don`t know their name. Welcome to mylot and happy posting.