Enjoy work and life.

United States
October 15, 2012 11:50am CST
I kow jobs are hard to get anywhere. I am also one not to judge anyone. There are sites on the internet that you can join that are free where you can make money. There are sites where you make money where you do have to pay. There are also scams. So you do have to be careful what you do. There is one site I am with that people have it in their head that this site is a scam. This site has been around since 2007 and is still around. I still see ads posted for this site everywhere! Why be lazy and beg and harass people who have laptops out working or doing whatever they do. Stop doing that, get out there and get a job where your going to work hard and be tired when your done! At least you will respect yourself and feel god about earning every cent you make! Disabled is just a word. You can work if you want to, I do and I had been diagnosed as disabled! I love what I do and have fun. I also have ZERO RESPECT FOR THOSE WHO INTIMIDATE, STEAL AND ASSAULT THOSE WHO ARE NICE ENOUGH TO HELP THOSE WHO BEG, WHETHER THEY REALLY NEED THE MONEY FOR DOOD OR THEIR NEXT DOSE OF ILLEGAL DRUGS OR ALCOHOL! Those people need help not money for that garbage!
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@natliegleb (5184)
• India
16 Oct 12
well its the right time to enjoy life without any bad habits and you are the best since you do the great things
@sjvenden27 (1850)
• United States
15 Oct 12
I am also disabled.. But I am not giving up on life or taking care of my responibilities.. It is not always easy but when the going gets tough I get tougher! The people that are out there just looking for a hand out not a hand up, so wrong... I work hard for what I have and I work hard to keep it.. You may understand were I am coming from... A person with a disablity has to work even harder just to make it..But there are people that have no disablities can work, can support themselves and/or their family.. Just choose to be lazy... I wish those type of people had to spend a day walking in my shoes; in constent pain, but still moving, still trying, and making it.. If my body wasnt falling apart on me, I would work for 40+ hours a week and be proud that I could do it.. My body just isnt bulit that way.. All the looks I recieve when the pain is so bad that my face can not hide it.. I am not one to complain.. Just one day... I bet people wouldnt last one task in my shoes...